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Readme for Umix

Sakari Lehtonen

Sat 03, 2001


What is Umix ?

Umix is an advanced program for adjusting soundcard mixers in Linux and other Unices. You can control your volumes, balances and recording sources flexibly from the command line, or with a fullscreen user interface. Umix currently supports only Linux and OSS, but support for other unices and mixer drivers should be easy to implement, because it is designed with modularity in mind. All mixer drivers and UIs are loaded dynamically at runtime. I designed it as an replacement for AUmix.

How to use Umix ?

Read the man-page.

What does Umix mean ?

Nothing particular. Ultimate Mixer ? Unix Mixer ? Something like that. Yes, I know it's a dull name.

Why another volume mixer ?

I got frustrated with Aumix, and there were no other good alternatives that had terminal/ncurses user interfaces. I myself like to do all my work in a console, and at the same time I usually listen to mp3/nsf music, and need to adjust my soundcard volumes constantly. Aumix acts weird, eats too much CPU cycles etc. If you want to modify it in any sensible way, total rewrite would be the only way. I am not claiming that my code is anything near total modular design, but at least it is possible to add new drivers, UIs etc without changing anything major in other parts of the software. And this is good practice for me. Actually this is my first ever piece of software released to the public. One reason I started this project to learn the basics Linux/Unix application programming (documentation, packaging etc.).

Feedback, patches etc.

I _want_ you to contribute if you have any interest! Send feedback, patches, bug reports and anything related to


If you want to contribute, go ahead! I need help especially with other platforms, drivers and OSes. Check the TODO file for tasks that are planned, or feel free to send some new ideas. But please send the patches first to me, so I know what is going on. Visit for more info.


If you want to debug Umix, configure it with the option -enable-debug. This will enable debugging information printed to stderr. If you want to enable the dummy mixer that has predefined volume levels and other settings, pass the -enable-dummy to configure, and use the command line option -r dummy.

Legal information

Copyright (c) 2001 Sakari Lehtonen <>. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USAGE.

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Readme for Umix

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