U m i x
Latest version is: 1.0.2 , released 31 Aug 2003


Umix is a program for adjusting soundcard volumes and other features in soundcard mixers. You can control your volumes, balances and recording sources flexibly from the command line, with a ncurses user interface with familiar vi/emacs keybindings. Umix supports multiple mixer devices. All settings can be saved and loaded from a file.

Here is an old screenshot with the ncurses UI and the unfinished GTK+2 GUI (included with version 0.9.2, not in newer).

For more information, read the README, or the manual page. Check out also the ChangeLog, NEWS and TODO.

Umix is included in the following operating systems:
Also, multimedia player Sonic Rainbow uses code from Umix to handle volume adjusting. Thanks for the author Gary Baker for letting me know about this.


Source: umix-1.0.2.tar.gz
The source package contains all necessary files to build your own packages for RPM based systems, Debian, Slackware and Gentoo.

Debian (Woody): umix_1.0.2_i386.deb

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